basic nanny workshop

What do we cover in the workshop:

•  General childcare
•  How to change a nappy and hygiene
•  How to make a bottle
•  Safety and hygiene with feeding and preparing food
•  Boundaries when working with children
•  Discipline
•  Screentime
•  Characteristics of a nanny
•  Baby and child stimulation
•  Understanding the areas of development
•  Planning of weekly activities
•  How do we play? With what do we play?
•  Speech and language development
•  What can I use in and around the house to play with and stimulate a baby/child?
•  Serve & return interaction
•  How to interact well with a baby/child
•  Water safety
•  Hygiene and safety
•  Crime prevention
•  What to do in an emergency
•  How to fill in a daily report card

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