Who can participate in your workshop?

Anyone who takes care of a baby, toddler, or child.
If you work in a center that provide care to children.

Where can I find a workshop?

On our website and social media pages, you will find all the scheduled workshops in different parts of our country. We also provide online workshops via zoom.

How does your workshops work and what does my nanny need to bring along?
  • You will drop your nanny off at the venue of the workshop.
  • You do not need to accompany her.
  • Your nanny does not need to bring anything with.
  • The facilitator will provide everything she needs, and refreshments will be provided.
How does your online workshops work?

Our online workshops will be via Zoom. After you booked the workshop, you will receive a mail with the invitation. A computer/laptop and a stable internet connection is needed. Everything needed will be couriered to your door.

What is the language of instruction?

Workshops will mostly be in English, if not stated otherwise in the advert. Usually in our groups the ladies would also communicate with each other in other languages to explain and help each other. So, the level of English does not need to be high.

My nanny is illiterate, is that a problem?

Not at all. We try to keep our workshops in a simple English, as we understand that it is mostly not people’s first language. The workshops are also being demonstrated in a practical manner, so that the nannies understand what is being said. It is key for an illiterate nanny to understand English, even if her speaking is not that great. The book we work through is in English, she does not need to read it.

Will my nanny receive a certificate?

Yes, after the completion of the workshop she will receive her certificate.

Is your workshops accredited?

No, our nanny training courses are not SETA accredited. After much research and expert advice from a SETA consultant we agreed that we would not benefit from SETA accreditation. SETA works best for big educational institutes who have to work with in a standard quality framework. Corporates can benefit from SETA with the rebate incentive program by sending their employers on SETA courses. Our target market is not corporate companies but domestic nannies that mostly do not have the NQF level to do a SETA accredited course. SETA accredited courses are usually much longer training, with practical training.


The Nanny Movement is a registered business, designed and researched by a team of early childhood specialists that is experts in this field. Our manuals covers relevant topics that is tried and tested, and won’t disappoint.


We assure you that our workshops are being reviewed regularly to make sure that we maintain a high standard of training with quality of content.

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